MacBook Air 13


Brand : APPLE
Category : Ultrabook-convertible
MRP : 72900
Special : Very light weigh and super slim, Looks premium
Ugly : Not ugradeable after purchase, Difficult to repair

Operating System

Apple OsX Mavericks



1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz) with 3MB shared L3 cache



Intel HD Graphics 5000



4 GB



1440 X 900 Native Resolution



128 GB



32.5 cm X 22.7cm X 1.7 cm



1.35 Kg



Stereo speakers, Dual microphones,


Camera MicroPhone

720p FaceTime HD camera, 3.5 mm Headphone port



54-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery



2xUSB 3.0, 1 Thunderbolt, MagSafe 2 power port, SDXC card slot


Disk Drive

128 GB SSD


Touch Pad

Multi-Touch trackpad

MacBook air is one of the best product introduced by apple. Since its first release in 2007 it has been very popular. It’s a very premium product which can make envious to other laptop owner because of its look and sleekness. It’s in existence long before the idea of Ultrabook was introduced. And even now its way thinner than the Ultrabook specification.

The apple logo on the top reserves the brand value and decent hardware inside does its job of fulfilling moderate productivity work. Despite of its thinness it pack a powerful hardware (way powerful than any detachable and netbooks). You can even run Photoshop and play modern games in medium setting.

Also it’s a very solid build device. Nothing feels very delicate or fragile. Single piece aluminium body assures you of quality and precision machining maintains the premium look. Weight is also evenly balanced so it doesn’t have tendency to topple while usage.

The thing which appeals me most about the MacBook air is that it’s very light weigh. So if you are a student you can carry it very easily with you to your college classroom without feeling pain in your shoulders. Or if you are a traveller then it’s truly a boon for you. You can easily include this laptop in your travel luggage without adding much extra weight.

Other best thing about this MacBook air is the battery life. It has the best battery life in all the laptop I even used or reviewed. To give you the perspective it has 12 hours of official battery life and this is the first laptop which surpasses the battery life claimed by its manufacturer. In my test it ran up to 13 hours in mix usage.

 Now we will discuss the part I am most excited about ‘The Ugly Part’. The thing I hate most about this laptop is lack of upgradability. You are stuck for the lifetime with the configuration you purchased. You can’t even upgrade the RAM. Everything is soldered on the motherboard including Ram and storage. And in the present technological world 4 GB RAM and 120 GB storage is very little.

Second issue with the product is repair ability. Since everything is soldered to the motherboard so repairing anything is beyond the capability of any local laptop repair shop. For every small repair you are dependent to apple service centre which is okay during warranty period but becomes very costly after that. It’s not because apple is overcharging you but because it requires very sophisticated technology to change soldered part. And this the price you have to pay for sleekness of this product.

Also like any other apple product you have to pay more for same configuration. But if you consider sleekness then it’s not that much costly because prices of other Ultrabooks are touching the sky. But compared to any normal laptop it’s still an expensive product.

So if you are a traveller or someone you like to carry his laptop and have budget of 60-70 thousand then its best choice for you. It will full fill most of your need. But if you’re a gamer or into video editing then it will certainly not be able to handle the load. Also if you use laptop only for browsing and watching videos and doesn’t want to spend much then stay away from buying this laptop.

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