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This is not just any other regular website which will give you reviews about laptop, mobiles, accessories &apps and talks about some tech things. This WWW.UGLYREVIEW.COM website does not sing the songs about the awesomeness of the products and misleads you to buy wrong product. Rather we do quite the opposite, we tell you the ugly side. So that you can know what are the problems you may be buying along with that product. Surely, this will give you good picture and help you make better choice.

          Since we are committed to provide you most honest and best reviews. So any review product listed in our website will always have information of ‘UGLY side’. Because that’s the reason of the existence of our website WWW.UGLYREVIEW.COM and that’s what will make you visit our website frequently. Since we have made it mandatory to discuss the Ugly side so no product will have the image of ‘GOOD BOY’. And this is what makes us unique and most trustworthy, unbiased.

     Someone may argue that discussing the Ugly things are the sign of negativity. But it’s quite contrary.  By discussing the Ugly things we are helping consumers to make better choice same time we are also helping manufacturers to make better product by pointing out their weakness. And we believe that that’s the true job of a reviewer. Covering the negative side also shows our boldness and openness.



Nandu S. Raj

Nandu.S has always been a gadget freak, who was never been failed to be fascinated by the new innovative features and gadgets. He is a tech tech-writer cum content-writer who makes the tits and bits into the relevant content for the website. He loves driving on and off the road and he can continuously cruise for hours.

Yatendra Singh

Yatendra Singh is a tech gadgets aficionado who is misplaced in a mechanical production company. Even though his affinity for the electronic gadget is predominant, he also has the passion of writing, image editing and sleeping. He is an evil genius who might attempt to defeat the Mt. Everest in future.

Yatendra Singh


Nandu S. Raj


Our Thoughts

A good smart device can make you look smart !!

Yatendra Singh ,

Now a days gadgets are like senses of your body. Right gadgets can make you more aware and your life better & healthier.

Nandu S Raj ,